NIR-Online Survey

NIR-Online (launched in 2006) is a tool for communicating Urgent High-Risk defects relating to Traction and Rolling Stock (T&RS), Depot and (optionally) Plant equipment, in accordance with RIS-8250-RST. In the years since its creation, perceptions of what NIR-Online does, could and should do have changed. As a member funded organisation, RSSB has a finite amount of (its members’) money available to spend on upgrades to systems such as NIR-Online.

We invite your input into a survey which seeks to find out whether you wish to see changes to NIR-Online and if so, what changes would be of most interest/benefit to you. The survey can be accessed at:

If you could return your feedback on or before 28th January 2022 it would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks for your help,